There are four types of membership:

  • Full Members are individuals of outstanding ability who share a concern for the future of humanity. Together, they currently represent over 30 countries in five continents and have a wide range of professional backgrounds. Potential new members are proposed by existing members to the Executive Committee.
  • Honorary Members are distinguished international personalities who support the work of the Club of Rome. They are typically ex-heads of state, notable scientists or business and community leaders of distinction.
  • Associate Members are individuals who are interested in the Club’s work and wish to support it. They may apply for membership or be proposed by other members; their application is accepted or rejected by the Executive Committee. Associate members are often those who have been Full Members but who wish to play a less active role, or those who may become Full Members in the future.
  • Ex-officio Members are individuals who lead the National Associations.
  • Fellows are individuals who work with the Club on reports or projects and who may become Associate or Full Members in the future.

The Club of Rome is lead by an Executive Committee. The members of the Executive Committee are appointed for three years and are eligible for re- election.