Abouleish, Helmy

Helmy Abouleish is the CEO of  the SEKEM  Initiative in Egypt. SEKEM promotes sustainable development with a holistic approach; ecological (biodynamic agriculture and its promotion, sustainable water management and renewable energies), economic,  Economy of Love  (sustainable production of phytopharmaceuticals, organic textiles and food), societal (sustainable community development) and cultural (individual potential unfolding in schools and universities, integrative health and holistic research). 

He is the chair of the board of trustees of  Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development, the first university in the Middle East to put sustainable development at the heart of its mission, vision, and core values.  Additionally, he is the president of the  Biodynamic Federation – Demeter International, which he has been involved with since its establishment and he contributed to defining the Demeter International vision, mission, principles and values.  

Helmy Abouleish is a member of the board of  C2C  (Cradle to Cradle), a member of the  Schwab Foundation  (World Economic Forum), a member of the CIFOR-ICRAF Common Board of Trustees and a board member of  WSIF  (World Social Initiative Forum) and  WGA  (The World Goetheanum Association). He is a Firekeeper of the  World Ethic Forum  and a counselor of the  World Future Council. Helmy Abouleish is the chair of Ecotec, Sekem Development Foundation (SDF) and the Secretary General of Chapter Zero Egypt. 

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