Youth Leadership and Intergenerational Dialogues

The Youth Leadership and Intergenerational Dialogues Impact Hub aims to foster systems transformation by empowering young leaders and mobilising intergenerational action for systems change. The 50 Percent is the flagship initiative of the hub, an international network of young people who believe that every young person, regardless of their economic, social, or cultural situation, has the capacity to make a positive impact on the future.

Intergenerational skill-sharing sessions

Intergenerational exchange is key to empowering young people and enabling a dynamic exchange of wisdom, values and skills. The 50 Percent runs intergenerational workshops that provide opportunities for young people to have substantial conversations with experts on a range of topics including: sustainable finance, restoring healthy politics and innovation to change the future. 

Youth Resilience Hub

The 50 Percent, the International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD), the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED), Friendship, Slum Dwellers International and Manuia  have launched the Youth Resilience Hub 

The hub aims to nurture young leaders to radically strengthen climate resilience in the places they live and encourage them with personal development support and transformative leadership skills. Importantly, it provides a platform for knowledge exchange with, and between, young people from the most vulnerable communities and climate-impacted regions globally.  

A New Generational Contract

The St. Gallen Symposium and The Club of Rome have united to launch a joint initiative for a New Generational Contract. The project aims to cultivate equity and mutual support between generations and serves as a platform for diverse generational stakeholders to come together and develop core principles for a New Generational Contract.

Global Youth Engagement – Listening Sessions

Listening sessions are conducted by The 50 Percent as a format for youth to grapple with complex topics on systems transformation – to get their insights, concerns, fears, and hopes about the topics within their context.  

These insights are shared with policymakers and corporate partners at local, regional, national and international levels. To date, The 50 Percent has hosted 48 listening sessions with over 390 people and has collected 467 quotes from young people.  

Psychological mastery training

 The 50 Percent offers psychological mastery training which aim to support youth leaders to build emotional intelligence and self-awareness. Workshops offered help young people to navigate the demanding roles they will undertake when acting as community leaders, while also preparing them to manage the distress of climate trauma and other emergencies.  

 Training has proven successful with participants remaining engaged with the network and The 50 Percent initiatives. Plans are underway to expand the initiative into other languages and regions, to be more globally accessible. 

Sharing stories

The 50 Percent digital magazine and corresponding mentorship program is an international platform for young people to share their stories through art and writing while developing their skills to confidently communicate about local and global issues. The goal is to empower young people and amplify voices that are often overlooked, by creating an inclusive and diverse community of storytellers.  

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