Young Leadership & Intergenerational Dialogue

There are ever more educated, informed, and virtually connected young people who think about the future of humanity and tipping points. Many want the same systems change dynamics as the members of the Club of Rome and fundamental changes in our current economic, political, and social systems.

Youth & Young leadership

In this context, the Club of Rome will establish a global young leadership programme, based on three key areas – Education, Engagement and Action. This approach encapsulates both the value of nurturing future leaders through education – inspired by the Club of Rome’s core vision for a sustainable future for humanity and the planet – whilst recognising that this learning process needs to be leveraged and translated into concrete projects with genuine and lasting impact. The leadership programme will focus on the Club’s guiding pillars: Climate Emergency, An Emerging New Civilization, Reclaiming & Re-framing Economics and Rethinking Finance.

Club of Rome Activities around Young Leadership & Intergenerational Dialogue

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