The vision of The Club of Rome is an interconnected world that has emerged from multiple emergencies with a new way of being human that promotes wellbeing for all in a healthier ecosystem.

The mission of The Club of Rome is to apply holistic, interdisciplinary and long-term thinking to ensure broader societal and planetary wellbeing; to move towards more equitable economic, financial, and socio-political models; ensure an inclusive human dimension to all systems change; and to emerge from emergency. This will be achieved through the five impact hubs.

Emerging from Emergency

Humanity faces threats of systemic collapse on many fronts. Decades of exponential population and consumption growth are now colliding with the limits of the Earth’s biosphere, destabilising the foundations of life as we know it.

We are at a unique moment in history – a decisive decade where failure to act risks crossing irreversible Earth tipping points.

The world’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic provides us with a transformational moment to bring about the change we need. This global pandemic has highlighted how interdependent we are.

The Club of Rome pushes for the transformational shifts needed for society to emerge from emergency with a new way of being human that promotes wellbeing for all. It is our aim to accelerate a better future for all; move towards more equitable economic, finance, socio-political models; and ensure an inclusive human dimension to all systems change and transitioning.

Our five impact hubs are linked and should be seen as integrated pillars of a shifting paradigm. The Emerging New Civilisations, Reframing Economics and Rethinking Finance initiatives represent a shift in paradigm from the destructive pathway humanity is on now.

The planetary emergency we find ourselves in regarding climate change, is a symptom of this destructive pathway of growth at all costs and growing structural inequities.

At a time when the world’s youth are voicing their growing disappointment in the current lack of leadership and action on important systemic issues like climate change, species extinction and socio-political malaise, enhancing a vibrant intergenerational dialogue and the co-creation of solutions is essential.

The Club of Rome focuses on influencing these five major areas to ensure a broader societal and planetary balance. We aim to build on a foundation of 50 years of thought leadership and transformational insight from past and current members and take into consideration new pioneering thinking and pathways for change.

Our strategy: Implementation through impact

The Club of Rome impact hubs serve as a creative space where Club of Rome members, associations and partners share transformational thought leadership and co-design solutions for impact. In addition the Club of Rome aims to:

  • Enhance intergenerational thought leadership by fostering greater dialogue and thought leadership between generations and promoting thought leadership from new young leaders
  • Provide the space for difficult conversations and conflict resolution
  • Promote greater gender, ethnic, geographic and age diversity across government and business in order to enhance the capacity for complex decision making
  • Continue to promote a culture of deep thinking related to core global tipping points whilst offering spaces for co-creation of solutions and hope
  • Translate the Club of Rome’s thought leadership to touch the minds and hearts of leaders and citizens across the globe through education, knowledge exchange and publications
  • Develop partnerships between our members, associations and with enlightened leaders from the business, policy and NGO communities to ensure more impact on the ground


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