Impact hubs

The Club of Rome Impact Hubs harness the diversity of the Club’s activities and perspectives, of its members and the ecosystems to which they belong. They serve as a creative impact space where Club of Rome members, associations and partners share transformational thought leadership and co-design solutions for impact.

Emerging New Civilisations

The Emerging New Civilisations Impact Hub recognises the need for a shift in both mindset and the complex economic, financial, social systems underpinning our daily interactions. It aims to identify and mobilise those already engaged in the quest for a new civilisation to become part of a network of networks to pursue this vision.

Planetary Emergency

The Planetary Emergency Impact Hub aims to raise awareness of the need for integrated responses to the interconnected challenges humanity faces such as climate change, biodiversity loss and growing social inequality. It highlights the need to reform our governance structures and identifies opportunities and tangible pathways to reshape our finance system, rethink our economic models and reimagine our communities to allow us to emerge from emergency.

Reframing Economics

The Reframing Economics Impact Hub is a collaborative effort aimed at transforming our economic systems to achieve wellbeing for all while acknowledging the planetary boundaries and the finite nature of our planet. It seeks to challenge traditional economic models that prioritise unlimited growth and consumption, and instead explore and co-create policies that respect the natural limits of our environment.

Rethinking Finance

The Rethinking Finance Impact Hub aims to contribute to the evolution of the financial system so it can serve the transformation of our economy to achieve human wellbeing within planetary boundaries. It seeks to support the adoption of short-term policy levers for long-term system shifts to fundamentally change finance.

Youth Leadership and Intergenerational Dialogues

The Youth Leadership and Intergenerational Dialogues Impact Hub aims to foster systems transformation by empowering young leaders and mobilising intergenerational action for systems change. The 50 Percent is the flagship initiative of the hub, an international network of young people who believe that every young person, regardless of their economic, social, or cultural situation, has the capacity to make a positive impact on the future.

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