de Belgique, Esmeralda

Princess Esmeralda of Belgium is a journalist, author, documentary filmmaker, public speaker, and activist.

She has written seven books among which “ Terre “ ( Editions Racine, 2011) and “ Femmes Prix Nobel de la Paix” ( Editions Avant-Propos, 2014) and co-produced four documentaries among which “ Virunga, de l’espoir pour tout un peuple” ( 2016) and “ Amazonia, the Heart of Mother Earth” (2023).

An environmental and human rights campaigner, especially for the rights of women and indigenous peoples, she is the President of the Leopold III Fund for Nature Exploration and Conservation, created in 1972 by her late father who was one of the first European to visit the Xingu National Park in Brazil in 1964. Chair of Friendship Belgium, an NGO working in Bangladesh with the most vulnerable people through programs of education, health, women’s empowerment and climate adaptation, she is the Honorary President of CARE Belgium, Ambassador for WWF UK and WWF Belgium and Stop Ecocide International.

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