Muñoz Abogabir, Gonzalo

Gonzalo Muñoz Abogabir is the UN Climate Change High-Level Champion from the COP25 Presidency, appointed by the Chilean Presidency in 2019. He co-led with Nigel Topping the Race To Zero, Race To Resilience and GFANZ campaigns.

Muñoz Abogabir co-founded and led TriCiclos, one of the most recognised Latin American companies in circular economy and recycling. He co-founded Sistema B (Bcorps in Latin America), Manuia and Polkura Winery. Currently, he sits on the board of the Global Foodbanking Network, CDP Latin America, IDB Invest, Chapter Zero Chile, among others. Gonzalo has been recipient of the Chilean national awards on environment, innovation and social entrepreneurship; and was awarded the honor of CMG in Queen Elizabeth’s final honors list in 2022.


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