Planetary Emergency

The Planetary Emergency Impact Hub aims to raise awareness of the need for integrated responses to the interconnected challenges humanity faces such as climate change, biodiversity loss and growing social inequality. It highlights the need to reform our governance structures and identifies opportunities and tangible pathways to reshape our finance system, rethink our economic models and reimagine our communities to allow us to emerge from emergency.

International Systems Change Compass

A truly green future for Europe can only be achieved by building fair relationships around the world and working towards a just global transition. The International System Change Compass – The Global Implications of Achieving the European Green Deal (2022) report sets out a new paradigm for Europe’s role in the world using insights from the UN International Resource Panel, The Club of Rome reports and additional scientific evidence. It details how the EU can, and should, change its trade, investment and political relationships with low- and lower-middle income countries to support their transition paths in a globalised world. 

This followed on from A System Change Compass: Implementing the European Green Deal in a time of recovery (2020), which sets out guiding principles and systemic orientations to help address barriers to a successful rollout of the European Green Deal along all dimensions of the European policy sphere.  

Making COP fit for purpose

The Club of Rome has been leading initiatives to call for a reform to the COP process to enable it to deliver real climate action. A group of experts signed an open letter to the UN Secretary General and UNFCCC Executive Secretary suggesting a series of reforms that they believe would help to achieve the Paris Agreement. Through various platforms, The Club of Rome engages in constructive dialogue with the UN system and COP presidency on the topic. 

The calls for reform include; focusing on delivery and action, basing discussions on the latest science, smaller more frequent working sessions, including non-state actor solutions and bring in more diverse voices such as indigenous peoples and youth, and accounting for regional differences to ensure a just global transition. 

Food Forward Consortium

The Club of Rome has co-created a Food Forward Consortium to drive fundamental shifts in incentives, policies and practices in food systems. The work is focused on transformations that will create an enabling environment for local change in cities, where the consortium will support mayors in implementing policies and programs to shift diets and bolster demand for regenerative agriculture. With partners CARE, EAT, Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN), International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD), WWF and C40 Cities the consortium is building a global movement for food systems transformation, developing evidence- based tools and targets and mobilising financial networks. 

Multi-stakeholder dialogues have taken place to include the input of young people and members of The Club of Rome to shape the design and direction of the consortium. One of the resulting initiatives is the Youth Resilience Hub – a platform to help young leaders radically strengthen climate resilience.  

Planetary Emergency Plan

The Planetary Emergency Plan provides a set of key policy levers to address the cross-cutting challenges of climate change, biodiversity loss and human health and wellbeing. Drafted in partnership with the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, it outlines a vision of transformation and regeneration; a roadmap for governments and other stakeholders to shift our societies and economies for people, planet and prosperity.  

Since its launch at the UN Climate Action Summit in 2019, the plan has influenced international discussions on climate, biodiversity, sustainable development and global risks. It forms the foundation of the global Planetary Emergency Partnership and has inspired global campaigns and policy efforts 

Planetary Emergency Partnership

The Planetary Emergency Partnership strives to bridge siloes and raise awareness for an integrated, systemic approach to address the convergence of climate, biodiversity and health tipping points. Initiated by The Club of Rome and the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, with initial partners WWF and Nature4Climate, it brings together more than 350 partners from across the climate, biodiversity and health communities, including scientists, policymakers, business leaders, youth representatives and NGOs.  

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