Emerging New Civilisations

The Emerging New Civilisations Impact Hub recognises the need for a shift in both mindset and the complex economic, financial, social systems underpinning our daily interactions. It aims to identify and mobilise those already engaged in the quest for a new civilisation to become part of a network of networks to pursue this vision.

The Fifth Element

The Fifth Element, led by The Club of Rome, is a platform that facilitates the mutual transformation of communities, academics and policymakers to bring the unique perspective of systems transformation for a regenerative future.

It does this by convening  individuals and organisations working together to sense the challenges, blindspots, dissonances and opportunities experienced in respective spheres of knowledge. This has led to identifying new questions and developing a better framing of how to respond to the issues.

The Afrik-Akili Declaration

The Afrik-Akili Declaration is a contribution to an African sense (Swahili: Akili). It is a celebration of the African continent, its people, its ecological richness and its place in the world. 

Building on the 2021 paper Towards New Narratives of Hope for Fostering Transformative African Futures and in the face of the multiple crisis we face today, the declaration provides a platform for conversations about Africa, reminding Africans and the world about the continent’s role as the cradle of humanity and the birthplace of the first civilisations. As defined in its ten principles it seeks to unite all people in an awareness of Africa’s value, to inspire and raise consciousness challenging dominant narratives of universality and Afro-pessimism.

The Ubuntu Learning Circle

The Ubuntu Learning Circle, co-founded by The Club of Rome and the Learning Planet Institute, is a network of more than 200 institutions engaged in new ways of collective learning for a better future.

Drawing on indigenous wisdom about community, interconnectedness, and relationality, the circle seeks to create the conditions for new processes of inquiry towards pathways to a sustainable and just future for humanity and the planet. 


The BRIDGES Coalition for Sustainability Sciences supported by UNESCO, and The Club of Rome are exploring how the role of research can be reframed to better align with society and nature. 

The Club of Rome is the only non-academic hub of the coalition and looks to investigate how transdisciplinary models of thinking and community-driven research can be incorporated into the academic research paradigm. 

International Year of Basic Sciences for Sustainable Development

As a member of the International Year of Basic Sciences for Sustainable Development, The Club of Rome has been a critical contributor to the recent declaration by the UN General Assembly for an International Decade of Sciences for Sustainable Development. The decade aims to bring a more effective and inclusive approach to support humanity in navigating complex challenges and fully implementing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.  

This is based on synergistic cooperation of all sciences – basic and applied sciences and social and human sciences, including indigenous sciences – enabling the development of technology, innovation and education while stressing the need to bridge the divides within and between countries and highlighting the importance of financing and capacity-building across all regions


For more information contact:

Nolita Thina MvuneloEmerging New Civilisations & Youth Leadership Programme ManagerE: nmvunelo@clubofrome.org

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