Communications Fellowship

The Club of Rome has established a Communications Fellowship, an annual mentoring programme that aims to increase the diversity of voices covering sustainability issues and support early-career communications professionals from underrepresented communities and regions. The fellowship aims to establish a network of communication specialists passionate about The Club of Rome across the globe, who can share information and best practice.


Caroline Kuria

Caroline Kuria is a seasoned communications professional hailing from Nairobi, Kenya. With a bachelor’s degree in international business and trade from the African Leadership University, Caroline has embarked on a career journey that includes impactful roles at organisations such as MADE51, 1000 Landscapes For 1 Billion People, and United for Global Mental Health. From enhancing global visibility for nonprofit initiatives to executing data-driven strategies in climate advocacy and mental health awareness, Caroline’s passion for addressing global challenges is at the forefront of her mission as she collaborates with The Club of Rome to foster sustainability and drive meaningful impact on a global scale. 

Nonhlanhla Ngwenya

Nonhlanhla Ngwenya is a Zimbabwean journalist and communications consultant, with experience in both media and communications fields in Zimbabwe, including community media to regional correspondence. Nonhlanhla has held various roles at the Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA), the Women’s Coalition of Zimbabwe and the Graca-Machel Trust’s Women in Media Network Zimbabwe. She is vice-chairperson of the WAN-IFRA Women in News Alums Zimbabwe Chapter and was recently appointed as the Zimbabwean Ambassador for the African Youth Policy Experts (AFRINYPE) Member of the Climate Action Directorate of Media and Publicity (2022-2025). Nonhlanhla has spoken on panel discussions related to the Zimbabwean media landscape, freedom of expression, media sustainability, sexual harassment in the newsroom and gender parity in the media. Nonhlanhla holds a BA in Media Studies and is passionate about innovative and creative communications and media in Zimbabwe.

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