Reframing Economics

The Reframing Economics Impact Hub is a collaborative effort aimed at transforming our economic systems to achieve wellbeing for all while acknowledging the planetary boundaries and the finite nature of our planet. It seeks to challenge traditional economic models that prioritise unlimited growth and consumption, and instead explore and co-create policies that respect the natural limits of our environment.


Earth for All: A Survival Guide for Humanity details the results of a 2-year initiative to explore the systems-changes needed to achieve wellbeing for all on a finite planet. The project is formed of teams of scientists working on systems dynamic computer models, a group of economic thinkers, and communicators and advocates promoting Earth4All’s vision. 

The analysis explores two scenarios to 2100. The Too Little Too Late scenario is where we continue as now and results in increasing inequality and social tensions. In the second – climate change is stabilised, extreme poverty ends a generation earlier, social tension falls and wellbeing rises. This Giant Leap is achieved by adopting five extraordinary turnarounds to end poverty, address inequality, empower women, and transform our food and energy systems.   

Transformational Economics

The Transformational Economics Commission, led by The Club of Rome, brings together economic thought leaders from across the globe, to discuss new economic paradigms, act as a sounding board between the modelling work, economists and other stakeholders and provide decision makers with insights and policy tools on how to transform our economic systems towards ones that prioritise wellbeing. The commissioners have produced a number of deep-dive papers that delve further into the issues and solutions needed to provide an equitable future for all on a finite planet. 

Transformative shifts for wellbeing economics

The Club of Rome is committed to advancing a wellbeing economy by investigating transformative system shifts. As a strong proponent in the discourse surrounding wellbeing economics, the organisation actively engages in various initiatives, such as being an organising partner for the Beyond Growth Conference 2023 at the European Parliament and the 2024 conferences in Austria and Italy.

We contribute to discussions on developing new indicators to measure progress and explore alternative options to GDP as the prime indicator of progress. By fostering partnerships with organisations worldwide, The Club of Rome conducts research, develops strategic approaches, publishes articles and policy papers, hosts workshops and events and proposes policy solutions within the field of wellbeing economics.

SDGs for All: Strategic Scenarios

Earth4All published a new report analysing progress made to date on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). SDGs for All: Strategic Scenarios provides practical solutions designed to accelerate SDG implementation and to respond to the planetary emergency.

It concludes that policymakers can step up the implementation of the SDGs by 2030 and beyond to achieve wellbeing for all. But this is only possible if five extraordinary turnarounds are enacted that break with current trends.


Engagement to create a movement

The urgency of our times demands that we move beyond the printed page and into the realm of policy change. As part of a global engagement strategy, The Club of Rome and Earth4All organises events, workshops, open letters and policy dialogues.  To promote broad citizen engagement, an Earth4All simulator is in development and mini-deliberative spaces are held at a wide range of events across the world.

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