Lior, Noam

Prof. Noam Lior is a researcher, educator and consultant specialized in energy/power, and water desalination issues. He is Professor of engineering at the University of Pennsylvania, Member of the Graduate Group of the Lauder Institute of Management and International Studies, the Institute for Environmental Science, and the Wharton Business School Initiative for Global Environmental Leadership, and Guest Professor of the Institute of Engineering Thermophysics at the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Noam authored more than 350 scientific publications and won several awards. He is in the leadership of international scientific conferences about sustainable development, and a frequent keynote speaker. He serves/served as editor-in-chief and editorial board member of 12 international scientific periodicals. He served the International Solar Energy Society as Director of the American Section and Chairman of its Engineering Division.

He is currently also a Fellow of inter-alia the World Academy of Art and Science and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and a member of the Club of Rome U.S. and Slovenian Chapters.

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