Losa, Ilaria

Ilaria Losa graduated in power systems engineering in 2007 and has since specialised in analysis related to the transformation of European energy grids. She has worked as a researcher at the Italian Research Center on Energy Systems (Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico, RSE S.p.A.,) and participated in several European projects and initiatives supported by the European Commission. Her research has focused on investigating the medium-short-term methodology needed for European energy systems to achieve the ambitious transition targets set by European energy policy acts. 

Ilaria Losa’s experience has given her a comprehensive understanding of the technical, societal, economic, and regulatory problems that energy providers, regulators, and policymakers must solve in order to ensure the energy transition fundamental to the sustainable development of European countries while maintaining economic sustainability.

Her focus is the development of energy economics, taking into account the constraints represented by technological, economic, and societal issues, as well as technological opportunities and challenges. Ilaria Losa’s goal is to close the gap between applied research addressed on a daily basis by network operators and long-term scenarios and theories for sustainable development.

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