The most important documents we publish are “Reports to the Club of Rome”. These are peer-reviewed studies commissioned by the Executive Committee, or suggested by a member or group of members, or by an individual or institution outside the Club.

Reports to the Club of Rome help decision makers and the public better understand major global issues. They often make specific policy proposals and seek to foster a greater sense of civic responsibility. They are intended to start a discussion among business leaders, politicians, those who lead international agencies, as well as those attending universities and schools and in the media.

The Club also publishes shorter, policy-oriented documents and pamphlets, such as the Climate and Planetary Emergency Plans. These contain concrete policy proposals and are aimed at a broader audience of decision-makers, businesses, civil society and the general public. Their aim is to promote a particular vision and narrative which the Club of Rome advocates and to garner political and popular support for the actions in contains.

Latest Publications

The Empty Sea

The Empty Sea

The “Blue Economy” is used to describe all of the economic activities related to the sea, with a special emphasis ...
Integral Investing

Integral Investing

90% of businesses and 55% of global GDP are generated by Small and Medium Enterprises. Yet, they belong to some of ...
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