Ibarra-Howell, Daniela

Daniela was born and raised in Argentina. Her passion for the open grasslands of Patagonia and Africa informed her professional path. She studied agronomy and natural resource management in Buenos Aires, and later in New Zealand, where she was introduced to the work of her lifelong mentor, Zimbabwean Allan Savory, with whom she has worked closely since then. She and her husband managed their family ranch in Colorado for 17 years while they also ran their consulting and education company, working with farmers and institutions worldwide. Daniela co founded in 2010 the Savory Institute, an international non-profit based in Boulder with regional training Hubs around the globe that help ensure economically vibrant communities worldwide by facilitating the large-scale regeneration of the world’s grasslands and the livelihoods of their inhabitants, through Holistic Management. Daniela lives in Boulder, Colorado, where she serves as CEO of the Savory Institute. She has led the design and implementation of Savory Institute’s revolutionary global impact strategy to tackle global food and water security, and climate change.

Daniela serves as member and advisor to multiple international organizations and platforms, among them the UN Food Summit, UN Food Systems Livestock Coalition, French-based 4×1000 Initiative, Australia-based EverGreening Alliance, Boulder-based Slow Money, and the Italy-based Cloudburst Foundation. Passionate about elevating the voices and work of women in agriculture globally, she is a member of the US-based Pleiades Women Network and Women in Ranching, and Pampeanas Regenerativas Orientales (PRO) based in Uruguay.

She holds degrees in advanced negotiation and conflict resolution from University of Notre Dame, systems change leadership and emergent facilitation from DSIL, and International Political Economy from LSE.

Daniela is a regular contributor to podcasts and publications addressing the needed transition to a holistic management in the global food and agriculture system and in policy design. Daniela has two daughters, Savanna and Mia.

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