Kadaoui, Karima

Karima Kadaoui, is a Co-Founder and Executive President of Tamkeen Community Foundation for Human Development, Morocco. Karima, shares her 14 year experience in the mirror of Tamkeen as a growing shared understanding of societal metamorphosis and emerging governance from co-reflected lived experiences.

She witnesses how, trusting our humanity and love suffuse into being the conditions for the emergence of the social ecosystems of our societal harmony and human co-flourishing. Beyond the inherent epistemic humility of the process, she reveals the wondrous realisation that we are the gardener “and” the garden of our social ecosystems learning together to speak the language of the “and”. This very language becoming a moving coordinate of the astrolabe of the wisdom-navigation of the autotelic process of “a humanising society”.

Karima co-founded Tamkeen Community Foundation for Human Development in Morocco in 2009 and holds the responsibility of its executive presidency. She refers to her organisation as a facilitating-dissolving structure that, with all its partners-in-flourishing,  lives the answer to the question “how can our schools, communities, organisations, societal systems and societies be the expression and manifestation of our humanity; the shared essence that defines us and connects us to each other, to our natural world and the whole beyond our conscious grasp?

Karima’s Tamkeen process has weaved and been woven with the threads of her 25 years experience working in private, public and social sectors. She worked with top tier companies in a big 5 management consultancy and as the associate senior consultant of a territorial development consultancy she co-founded.  In the Moroccan government, she worked on public policy and governance in quality of the advisor to the Minister of Employment, Vocational Training and Housing.  Her experiences in NPOs working with women suffering infra-human conditions in industries and with a community in a major shanty town have profoundly marked her.

She is a board member and advisor to Imal Initiative for Climate and Development the first independent non-profit North African climate think tank as well to Africa Voices Dialogue “a space where the voices of Africa’s educators and learners are seen, heard and loved”.

Karima has two daughters Sara and Maria who inspire her to “grow out of herself, from herself, into herself” realising the beauty there is, in the garden and in every gardener.

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