Zimmermann del Castillo, Silvia

Silvia Zimmermann del Castillo is an Argentinean writer, philosopher and international lecturer. She was a disciple and collaborator of the Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges with whom she studied ancient Anglo-Saxon and Icelandic literatures. She studied Social and Cultural Anthropology at the École Pratiques des Hautes Études, La Sorbonne, Paris and Philosophy at the University of Buenos Aires. 

Currently, she is a columnist for the newspaper La Nación, writing for the Opinion and Cultural Supplement sections. She co-directed the Watershed Conference on Water at the Vatican in 2017. She coordinates “Dialogues in Paradise at the Mokichi Okada Art Museum, Japan: face-to-face meetings between personalities of culture, art and science from various countries of the East and West to discuss art issues, culture and society. She is the International Director of the Mokichi Okada Chair on Beauty at the University of Bologna, Italy, and the founder and current President of the Argentinean Chapter of the Club of Rome. 

In 1983, she was selected as an outstanding woman of the national history by the Dictionary of Argentinean Women. She has been distinguished as Ambassador of Peace, by the International Foundation Thousand Millennia of Peace. 

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