Gurgulino de Souza, Heitor

Prof. Heitor Gurgulino de Souza is President of the Brazilian Chapter of the Club of Rome. Previously, he was President of the World Academy of Art and Science (2013); President of the World University Consortium (2014); Secretary General of the International Association of University Presidents (2011); Vice President of the Club of Rome (2006-12); Vice-Rector of UNILEGIS of the Brazilian Federal Senate (2000-03); Rector of the United Nations University in Tokyo, Japan (1987-97); Special Adviser to the Director General of UNESCO in Paris (1998-99); Rector of the Federal University of S?o Carlos, Brazil (1970-74); Vice-President of the Federal Council of Education (1972-86); Professor of Physics at the State University of São Paulo in Brazil (1958 -96); Assistant Professor of Physics at the Saint Jos? dos Campos (1950-57). He is Doctor Honoris Causa from Universities in Brazil, Mexico, USA and Japan

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