Enduring peace in the Anthropocene

Published 2024 – In a world increasingly defined by the Anthropocene, where human activities exert significant impacts on the planet’s ecosystems, The Club of Rome introduces “Enduring Peace in the Anthropocene.” This publication diverges from conventional narratives by presenting a rich tapestry of essays authored by diverse members of The Club of Rome. Each contributor offers a unique perspective on the deep-seated and often interlinked causes of contemporary conflicts, which are exacerbated by environmental degradation, climate change, and resource depletion.

The essays collectively challenge readers to consider the broader implications of such conflicts, highlighting the necessity for systemic solutions that go beyond immediate military responses and short-term political settlements. The authors argue for a transformative approach to governance and diplomacy, urging global leaders and policymakers to prioritise holistic, sustainable strategies that address the root ecological and social drivers of unrest.

This publication both explores the urgency of redefining peace in our times and also serves as a call to action for all stakeholders involved in peacebuilding. It stresses the importance of integrating ecological integrity with human security to forge a pathway towards enduring peace.

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