Reshaping the International Order

Published 1976 – Reshaping the International Order was formulated by a group of about twenty experts from developing as well as developed countries, including one from Romania. Unlike the two earlier reports to the Club of Rome, this one emphasizes development, distribution and improved welfare that will require a good deal of economic growth. An uneven document, it can sometimes be quoted against itself; the tone is, in turn, hortatory, pragmatic, defiant and sweet. Different readers will detect different biases in the discussion of many familiar issues. These defects of committee work, however, should not obscure the need to consider carefully the “proposals for action” of Professor Tinbergen’s group, which are stated more carefully than some others – and are therefore more challenging.

Co-ordinator: Jan Tinbergen

Other Publications

On the macroeconomics of transition and the search for clarity

On the macroeconomics of transition and the search for clarity

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