Earth4All: Austria

Published 2024 – This report contextualises the Earth4All initiative within Austria. Earth4All is a global effort aimed at driving the transformative changes needed for a just and sustainable future on our finite planet. The initiative brings together leading economists, scientists, and advocates to investigate how to ensure wellbeing for everyone within the planet’s ecological limits. This comprehensive work culminated in the publication of Earth for All: A Survival Guide for Humanity.

Austria has been chosen as one of the pilot countries for the Earth4All national programme. This report discusses the complex interplay between the economy, society, and environmental systems, analysing the potential outcomes of various policy choices. It contrasts two scenarios for Austria from the present to 2050: “Too Little Too Late” and “The Giant Leap.”

Collaborating with the Austrian Chapter of the Club of Rome, the Millennium Institute, the BOKU Center for Global Change and Sustainability and a diverse spectrum of stakeholders, this report defines what Earth4All means for Austria and identifies opportunities and policy recommendations related to the five turnarounds to achieve wellbeing for all within planetary boundaries.

Editors: Hoffmann, M., Spittler, N., Aigner, E., Körner, D., & Hinterberger, F.

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