The system within: Addressing the inner dimensions of sustainability and systems transformation

Published 2024 – As part of the Earth4All project, collaborators have submitted deep-dive papers to delve further into the issues and solutions needed to transform our economic system and provide an equitable future for all on a finite planet. This paper highlights the overlooked inner dimension of system change, and offers systems thinkers the language to advocate for psychological, social and spiritual factors crucial to sustainable solutions.

Authors: Jamie Bristow, Rosie Bell, Christine Wamsler, Tomas Björkman, Phoebe Tickell, Julia Kim and Otto Scharmer


Citation recommendation:

Bristow, J. Bell, R. Wamsler, C. Björkman, T. Tickell, P. Kim, J. Scharmer, O. (2024). The System Within: addressing the inner dimensions of sustainability and systems change. The Club of Rome. Earth4All: deep-dive paper 17.

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Join an online launch event on 3 July 2024 1500 CEST / 0900 ET hosted by Club of Rome Co-President Sandrine Dixson-Declève with a panel of co-authors and systems experts.

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