Eco-nomics for an ecological civilisation

Published 2024 – Our modern lives are largely determined by economic policies shaped by prevailing economic theory. Yet current economic theory serves us well only if our societal purpose is to exploit people and Earth to make money for the already rich. This economics is better named ego-nomics, as its focus on personal financial return is more ego (from the Latin “I”) than eco (from the Greek “oikos” meaning household). In our current interdependent world, our household is Earth and all its living beings.

This publication by David Korten introduces a new economic model, “eco-nomics,” essential for fostering a life-centric civilisation. This model aims to replace the outdated ‘ego-nomics,’ which prioritises personal gain over our collective future. Korten emphasises the urgency of adopting eco-nomics to prevent irreversible damage to Earth and its inhabitants by the decade’s end. Explore how shifting our economic paradigm can preserve not just human life but all life on Earth. 

Author: David Korten

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