No Limits to Learning

Published 1979 – This book reconsiders global problems such as energy and the arms race, as well as more recent issues like cultural identity, communications and information. Attention is primarily focused on human problems and potential, rather than on material constraints to growth. The analysis places particular importance on new forms of learning and education, for individuals and especially for society, as indispensable for laying the groundwork to deal with global issues, and for bridging the gap between the complexity and risks of current global issues and our presently inadequately developed capacity to face up to them. This is the first Report to the Club of Rome written by authors from socialist and Third World countries as well as from the West

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The Limits to Growth model: still prescient 50 years later

The Limits to Growth model: still prescient 50 years later

17 May 2022 - As part of the Earth4All project, collaborators have submitted deep-dive papers to delve further into the issues and solutions needed to transform our economic system and provide an equitable future for all on a finite planet. The World3 model was used...

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