Paul Shrivastava appointed as co-president of The Club of Rome

28 November 2023 – The Club of Rome, a platform for leading scientists, economists, policy and business leaders to collaborate and promote leading edge thinking, has elected Paul Shrivastava as its new co-president. This follows the recent Annual General Meeting held in Winterthur, Switzerland, where Shrivastava was elected by the members of The Club of Rome Executive Committee.

Shrivastava, a distinguished figure in management and sustainability, brings a wealth of experience to his new role. Formerly the Chief Sustainability Officer at The Pennsylvania State University and a visionary leader in the field for over four decades, he is poised to steer The Club of Rome through a critical period of global transformation. 

“After a forty-year career in sustainability management, I am motivated to create impact on a global scale. The Club of Rome is a valuable platform for this purpose. Our members are highly accomplished leaders from around the world and working together we can continue to push for the systemic and urgent transformations needed for us to emerge from the current planetary emergencies.Comments Paul Shrivastava. 

In collaboration with current Co-President Sandrine Dixson-Declève, who has been at the helm since 2018 alongside Mamphela Ramphele, Professor Shrivastava aims to build upon the tremendous growth and impact achieved by The Club of Rome over the past years.  

“Since 2018 The Club of Rome has flourished by enhancing its historic deep systems thinking with impact leadership. Together with Mamphela Ramphele we have re-positioned The Club of Rome as the “go to” for profound reflection, analysis and solutions to match the complex wicked problems facing us today through a more diverse gender balanced global membership.  I am extremely grateful to the partnership with Mamphela and support from across our membership that has enabled this transition to meet the 21st century human problematique and am very excited to collaborate with Paul over the coming months to continue to work towards achieving global equity on a healthy planet” Commented Sandrine Dixson-Declève. 

Shrivastava has been a member of The Club of Rome since 2018, he has been involved in a number of activities including the conceptualisation of the five impact hubs. He was also a key player in the establishment of The 50 Percent initiative – an international network of young people who believe that every young person, regardless of their economic, social, or cultural situation, has the capacity to make a positive impact on the future. 

“The Club of Rome is well positioned as a think and do tank, and it has consistently delivered innovative thinking. In the coming years I hope to continue to leverage this towards achieving more transformative change, specifically in policy and in the business and education sectors.” continues Paul Shrivastava, “I will strive to provide continuity in leadership of the organisation, enhance participation of our membership, and work together towards a future where we can all thrive within the limits of our planet. We will continue to be guided by the spirit of Aurelio Peccei and Donella Meadows, in our search for holistic and systemic real-world solutions.” 

Shrivastava has held a number of prestigious positions, including the Executive Director of Future Earth, where he established its secretariat for global environmental change programs. This included a network of 50,000 sustainability scientists in 5 global hubs and 4 regional centres. He has extensive experience in working with scientists, policy makers and funders across the globe.   

Born in a Catholic-Hindu family, Shrivastava grew up in a then Muslim principality of Bhopal. Educated at MANIT, Bhopal (B. Engg), IIM Calcutta (PGDM), and the University of Pittsburgh (PhD), he has worked professionally in four continents, in the private and educational sectors.  He has published 20 books and over 140 articles in scholarly journals on sustainable management and crisis management. 

The appointment of Paul Shrivastava comes after Mamphela Ramphele’s commendable service, as she stepped down after completing two 3-year terms as a member of the executive committee.  

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