Robert Costanza wins the 2024 Blue Planet Prize

03 July 2024 – Robert Costanza, member of The Club of Rome, Earth4All Transformational Economics Commissioner and Professor of Ecological Economics at the Institute for Global Prosperity, University College London, has won the prestigious 2024 Blue Planet Prize. He has been recognised for his expansive work in environmental science, establishing the integrated nature of ecosystems and economics and beyond.

His work has brought global attention to the previously understated importance of ecosystem services. As a co-founder of ecological economics, a new field of study that recognises that the economy is embedded in society and a finite biosphere, Costanza actively advocates for an ecologically sustainable, wellbeing society.

Costanza has been awarded the prize along with the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES).

In the report on the selection of the laureates, the selection committee chair observed, “This year, both recipients are recognised for their work related to ecosystems. As it happens, this was coincidental, but we believe it may reflect the growing global sense of urgency about ecosystems, similar to the issue of climate change.”

“It is indeed a great honour and privilege to be named the winner of the 2024 Blue Planet Prize. The Asahi Glass Foundation has supported the work of many extraordinary individuals and groups, including many of my colleagues, in our shared quest to create a better world and I am overjoyed to join their ranks.”  says Costanza.

The Blue Planet Prize is awarded by The Asahi Glass Foundation in recognition of outstanding individuals or organisations whose work has and continues to contribute significantly to the improvement of the global environment. This is the 33rd awarding of this international environmental award. The Asahi Glass Foundation is chaired by Takuya Shimamura and every year, the foundation selects two recipients of the prize.

The award ceremony is scheduled on Wednesday, 23 October 2024, at Tokyo Kaikan. Commemorative lectures will be given on 24 and 26 October 2024, at the University of Tokyo and at Kyoto University, respectively.

Read the announcement from the Asahi Glass Foundation. 

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