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The Club of Rome Podcast


10 August 2022 International Observatory: 50 years of the Limits of Growth Estepais (in Spanish) 

6 July 2022 The Infamous 1972 Report That Warned of Civilization’s Collapse Wired (in English)

29 June 2022 Why an end to economic growth is inevitable The New Statesman (in English)

 6 July 2022 The Infamous 1972 Report That Warned of Civilization’s Collapse Wired (in English)

15 June 2022 Jeffrey D. Sachs and the 50th anniversary of ‘The limits to growth’ Voces Mexico (in Spanish)

7 June 2022: At what point are the limits of growth? Two new relationships from the Club of Rome, 50 years later (in Italian)

2 June 2022: Limits and Beyond: No More Growth Net Zero by 2050 (in English)

2 June 2022 The environment denied. Giafranco Bologna: “We are 50 years late” Repubblica (in Italian)

29 May 2022 Future of Mobility #17: Once Upon a Time There Were Five Young Scientists.. Bruno Grippay (in English)

20 May 2022 Limits and Beyond: The Yawning Gap Net Zero 2050 (in English)

May 2022 In-depth: ‘Limits to Growth’ – 50 years on, what have we learnt? Ends Europe (in English)

18 May 2022 The limits to growth, 50 years later, La Vanguardia (in Spanish)

18 May 2022 Have we reached the Limits to Growth?, Project Syndicate (in English)

27 April 2022 There will be no global collapse but social and localised collapses, Usbek & Rica (in French)

23 March 2022 We have to open possibilities, Rat Für Nachhaltige (in German)

16 March 2022 Are there limits to economic growth? It`s time to call time on a 50-year argument, Nature (in English)

14 March 2022 “Limits of growth” belongs back to the bookshelf, Suddeutsche Zeitung (in German)

13 March 2022 `World One` Club of Rome & the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Bit Chute (in English)

12 March 2022 Jaap Tielbeke reread the Club of Rome report. “I thought, now I`m going to read how the world ends”, Trouw (In Dutch)

2 March 2022 Humanity must finally understand that we only have one earth, Spiegel (in German)

1 March 2022 50 years of “limits of growth”: “50 years of political failure”, Science Austria Press Agency (in German)

1 March 2022 50 years of “limits of growth”: Was the Club of Rome right?, Langenthaler Tagblatt (in German)

1 March 2022 Sobering balance sheet after “50 years limits of growth”, Tiroler Togeszeitung (in German)

1 March 2022 Growth: How can the planet cope? Le Soir (in French)

24 February 2022 The Limits to Growth at 50:From Scenarios to Unfolding Reality Resilience (in English)

22 February 2022 Dennis Meadows on the 50th anniversary of the publication of The Limits to Growth, Resilience (in English)

16 February 2022 Beyond the limits of growth. Fifty years after the Club of Rome’s primordal warning, De Groener Amsterdammer (In Dutch)

15 February 2022 50 years of The Limits to Growth. This is how the economy of the future could work, SWR (in German)

14 February 2022 The Club of Rome receives the German Book Trade Peace Prize, SWR2 (in German)

10 February 2022  Climate crisis, Sandrine Dixson Co-President of The Club of Rome warns what must happen nowreformiert (In German)

19 January 2022 The Earth First, Der Zeit, Germany (in German)

16 January 2022 Climate lessons for the 21st Century, De Morgen, Belgium (in Dutch)

16 January 2022 Endless growth: The difficult search for balance, Der Standard, Austria (in German).

November-December 2021 Dire Warning, Dartmouth Alumni Magazine (in English).


Aurelio Peccei Documentary

This documentary commemorates the life of Club of Rome founder, Aurelio Peccei

Final Warning Limits to Growth

This documentary sheds light on the effect that The Limits to Growth has had on public perceptions since it was published in1972. 

Last call

Last Call examines the predictions and impact of The Limits to Growth, published five decades ago.

Jorgen Randers. The Limits to Growth (1972) in a 50-year perspective

This presentation was held during the 50th Anniversary Summit of the Club of Rome on 17-18 October 2018 in Rome. It is part of the Keynote Debate: “50 Years of the Club of Rome – How Much Has the World Changed?”

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