New partnership charts a path for systemic change in the EU

24 January 2024 – The Systems Transformation Hub, a pioneering venture designed to drive systemic solutions for Europe, was launched on 24 January 2024 at the European Parliament by a coalition of five thought-leading organisations. This comes at a pivotal time of complex and interconnected crises in the lead-up to key elections in the European Union.

The world faces an unprecedented convergence of crises: conflict, climate change, biodiversity loss, public health emergencies, social unrest around migration and deepening inequality. These challenges are inextricably linked, demanding a holistic, systemic approach to policymaking. As the European Union gears up for forthcoming elections and a new five-year European Commission mandate, the urgency of creating a vision for an EU that prioritises environmental sustainability and social cohesion has never been clearer. 

“While the European Green Deal has set the stage for a profound economic transformation, its implementation faces obstacles. Short-term crisis management, coupled with rising social, financial, and political tensions, have all underscored the need for a systemic approach to achieving Europe’s green and socio-economic goals”, say the Hub’s leaders in a common statement.

The Systems Transformation Hub aims to provide strategic and systematic guidance, supporting the European institutions and Member States in policy analysis, development, policy learning, and agile decision support. The Hub will focus on European policy, yet also on Europe’s relationship with the rest of the world. This Hub emerges from the collaboration of five organisations working on systems change: Metabolic, EIT Climate-KIC, Systemiq, The Club of Rome, and the World Resources Institute, with an open invitation for others to join. 

The Systems Transformation Hub will develop a roadmap with policy orientations, to inspire the upcoming European Commission in its early months of operation. The approach includes:

  • Modelling and research: Mapping the EU status with regards to the Sustainable Development Goals and European Green Deal and conducting a gap and incoherence analysis. 
  • Crafting a new progressive narrative: Developing a narrative for policymakers rooted in systemic levers, robust scientific knowledge, and data analysis to support the European Green Deal in the changing political economical context. 
  • Stakeholder consultation and communication: Stress-testing and disseminating results with relevant policymakers and world-leading experts in their respective fields.  

The Hub will provide strategic capability for the EU, remaining independent, transparent, science-based and non-political.

Sandrine Dixson-Declève, co-president of The Club of Rome, said about the Hub: “The perma-crisis is our new reality. The only way to address today’s super wicked problems and complex challenges is to apply short and long-term systems logic to decision making. This is our insurance policy for a prosperous, resilient, green, and just Europe.”

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