Club of Rome Global Youth Summit 2020

02 September 2020 –

Global Youth Summit & Engagement

Applications and Nominations are open

It is undeniable that we are in the midst of an unprecedented time in global history. Our planetary boundaries are approaching and, in some cases, surpassed their limits, global economic and financial systems are no longer accessible for many, and the polarization of our political systems is creating mistrust in our governments as a functional avenue to avoid these wicked and intertwined problems that are putting our future at risk. We feel that connecting, educating, and empowering a global youth network is imperative to addressing these interconnected global challenges

The Club of Rome, in partnership with the Penn State Sustainability Institute, is looking for university-age students interested in participating in a year-long international youth-engagement program which aims to:

  • develop a cohort of global youth ready to engage with each other, increasing their ability to genuinely listen, build diverse relationships, and engage with peers about global issues;
  • provide a structure for youth to use these skills to engage their peers in regional listening sessions;
  • synthesize these findings and submit a formal report to the Club of Rome; and
  • develop a framework on how to initiate a culturally inclusive international and intergenerational dialogue

Global Youth Summit: October 3, 4, & 7th
This summit intends to bring together a regional group of youth to participate in discussions focused on the Club of Rome’s Impact Hub topics (Climate-Planetary Emergency, Emerging New Civilization, Reframing Economics, and Rethinking Finance). The summit will take place virtually via zoom on October 3rd or 4th, depending on geographic region.

  • Asia & Australia | Saturday, October 3rd (9am – 1pm GMT)
  • Europe, Africa, and the Middle East | Sunday, October 4th (1p – 5p GMT)
  • Americas, Caribbean | Sunday, October 4th (7p – 11p GMT)

Following this discussion, on October 7th, a select group of participants will attend the Club of Rome general meeting to participate in an intergenerational dialogue with Club of Rome Members.

Virtual Youth Engagement: November 2020 through April 2021
Following the summit, this cohort of youth will receive facilitator training and begin facilitating a year-long series of virtual listening sessions to understand what the youth have to say about their concerns and aspirations for the future. We anticipate this being a 6-8 hour commitment per month.

Professional Development:
Throughout the year, participants will be invited to reconnect as a global cohort to discuss, exchange ideas, participate in professional development webinars and have discussions by notable scientists, economists, business leaders, high-level civil servants, and former heads of state from around the world.

Communicate the Youth Voice: October 2021
Concluding the year of listening sessions, the session information will be compiled into a Global Youth Report and, with a concrete action plan, be presented back to the Club of Rome during their fall 2021 annual meeting. This document will also be shared back with our global network of university and NGO partners.

Application/Nomination: Wednesday, September 16th
Our ideal student participant is not an expert by any means, but we are looking for candidates who have potential and a willingness to learn and actively engage. This student might be interested in pursuing a career in international development, nonprofit development, governmental affairs, etc.

  • concerns about sustainability and the environment;
  • willingness to express own ideas clearly, persuasively and pose relevant questions to propel the discussion;
  • self-motivated and desire to have an impact in their community;
  • ability to actively listen and acknowledges different perspectives; and
  • intermediate to advanced English proficiency

If you are a current university age student (17-30) and interested in partnering on this project, please consider applying. If you are a university faculty/staff member or connected with a young person who would be an excellent addition to our project, please consider nominating them for this opportunity using the online submission ( or by visiting the program website (

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