WAAS@64 Conference

WAAS@64 Conference

The WAAS@64 Conference is taking place virtually on 15-16 May and 26-27 June 2024.

It consists of 22 panel discussions in two parallel streams addressing the challenges and opportunities related to peace, human security, and various aspects of sustainable development. These discussions will explore the factors and forces eroding global peace and human security, emerging opportunities and challenges, recommendations for the UN Summit of the Future, priorities for researchers and policy-makers, strategies for achieving the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, and the process of global social evolution.

Members of the Club of Rome speaking at this event include Garry Jacobs, Petra Kuenkel, Nebojša Nešković, Ugo Bardi, Yi-Heng Cheng, Aleksander Zidanšek, Jinfeng Zhou, Mariana Bozesan, Stefan Brunnhuber and Carlos Álvarez Pereira.

Check the Conference webpage here for more information.

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