The Club of Rome Summer Academy – Challenging an unsustainable economic system

The Club of Rome Summer Academy - Challenging an unsustainable economic system
7-13 September 2017
University of Florence di San Marco, 4,, Florence, 50121, Firenze FL,

In conjunction with the University of Florence, The Club of Rome hosted a Summer Academy, titled “Challenging An Unsustainable Economic System”. This academy assembled a dynamic array of participants – from students and academics to young professionals, emerging entrepreneurs, journalists, artists, and activists – alongside some of the leading voices in social and systemic change. The goal of the workshop was to ignite economic, ecological, and political movements that drive towards actionable change.

The gathering, which took place from 7-13th September in Florence, Italy, hosted approximately 120 participants from 25 different countries.

A key element of the week was the workshop “Human Rights and Climate Change: The Role of Climate Justice in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Realisation.” This workshop was integral to the comprehensive programme aimed at engaging thought and fostering collaboration. The agenda addressed the challenges and opportunities in re-evaluating our economic and societal frameworks.

Session highlights include:

  • Collaboration with Luca Toschi from the University of Florence on Generative Communication.
  • Examination of the feasibility of meeting the Paris Agreement’s objectives, facilitated by Anders Wijkman, The Club of Rome Co-President.
  • Discussion on the implications of the Technological Revolution for humanity, led by Carlos Pereira and Anders Wijkman.
  • Presentation of the report, “Come On,” advocating for a new enlightenment by Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker, another Co-President.
  • The Fishbanks Simulation Game, directed by Orsolya Ujj, Brigitta Pulay, and Atilla Krall, exploring resource management, greed, and cooperation.
  • Ugo Bardi’s presentation on the Seneca Effect, focusing on the dynamics of slow growth and rapid collapse.
  • Kate Pickett’s talk on tackling inequality as crucial for the wellbeing of our communities, economy, and planet.

Through these and other sessions, the aim was to challenge and expand economic paradigms and explore new well-being metrics beyond GDP.

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