East and West Dialogue on Ecological Civilization

East and West Dialogue on Ecological Civilization
6 February 2024 20:00 - 21:00 (EST)

Club of Rome members Julia Kim and Jinfeng Zhou will join the virtual panel discussion ‘East and West Dialogue on Ecological Civilization’. It is the second in a webinar series leading up to the 2024 Earth Charter Conference, ‘Reimagining Education for Ecological Civilizations’. The panel will continue the conversation that started in November 2023, with the panel tackling the following questions:

  • What does an ecological civilization look like?
  • What are some good examples paving the way towards this vision and how can we scale up these efforts?
  • What are some additional paths and driving forces to building these just, sustainable and peaceful societies?

Moderated by: Amanda Bennett and Sifan Jiang. Speakers include: Mary Evelyn Tucker, Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology, Jinfeng Zhou, China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation, Julia Kim, Gross National Happiness Centre Bhutan, Zhihe Wang, Center Process Studies China Project. Click here to access the recording from the November 2023 conversation with Chen Xia, David Korten, Andrew Schwartz, and Sukhyun Park. Zoom registration

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