Reclaim Economics

Objective and current activities

The current economic system is failing humanity and the planet at almost every level. It lies at the core of so many of our problems, from persistent unemployment to rising inequality, enduring poverty, climate change, environmental destruction, species extinction and resource depletion. It is also the cause of rising political extremism, mass migration and armed conflicts.

Most people are aware of these problems and know that they greatly endanger our future. Many are looking for a way to invest their time and energy to change this and to reform the economic system, to make it sustainable and less divisive. Yet there is no clear pathway for many people who want to go into battle against the biggest and most pressing injustices of our time to follow.

The Club of Rome’s “Reclaim Economics” project wants to fill this gap. We want to bring together change-makers and shift the way economics is taught, practiced and understood in universities, policy-making institutions, and society. We want to encourage radically different economic ideas, and to put people and the planet back at the centre of our thinking.



In September 2016, the project’s first major event brought together more than 30 young intellectuals and activists from around the world. Ever since, the group has continued to work together to sharpen the focus of the campaign and to plan future activities and events.

2017’s key event was the first Club of Rome Summer Academy.


In 2018 the Club of Rome was partner at the Summer Academy for Pluralist Economics 2018: Ten Years After The Crash.

A Summer Academy in 2019 is currently being planned. More information will be available soon.


For inquiries or if would like to join the campaign, please contact us here.