Planetary Emergency Partnership

Planetary Emergency Partnership

One year after the publication of the first Planetary Emergency Plan, the Club of Rome and Potsdam Institute, with the support of WWF, launched the Planetary Emergency Partnership to support the delivery of the Planetary Emergency Plan. Its goal: to advocate for a global Planetary Emergency declaration and to implement the commitments and actions set out in the Plan.

Coupled with securing long-term human health and wellbeing, climate change and biodiversity loss are today’s most pressing global challenges. Born from the need to bring together siloed voices from the climate, biodiversity and health communities to adequately address the emergency we face, the Partnership has grown from 30 Partners in late 2019 to over 300 Partners by the end of 2020. In merging the climate, nature, biodiversity and health agenda’s into one integrated Planetary Emergency narrative and action plan, the Partnership fills a unique space. The strength of the network is its diversity. The Planetary Emergency Partnership brings together civil society organisations, academics, scientists, business leaders and public officials from across the globe. An overview of our past work can be found here.

As a coalition of coalitions, the Partnership provides one of the largest, unbranded civil society coordination platforms to help build for a successful ‘triple crown’ of the UN Food Systems Summit, CBD COP15 and COP26 summits in 2021. Together, we build momentum for a recognition that we are in a Planetary Emergency and that we need a decade of decisive delivery to ensure we meet the interlinked 2030 agenda’s in order to emerge from this emergency. We strive to shift to a development pathway that promotes healthy people, planet and prosperity for all. The Partnership supports the Leaders Pledge for Nature, the Global Goal for Nature, UNFCCC Race to Zero and Race to Resilience campaigns and the 50×30 Coalition.

The Planetary Emergency Partnership meets monthly for a virtual strategy discussion on specific policy areas and key influencing moments. Partner calls focus on calls to action, intelligence briefings, network-building and coordination on collective targets and campaigns. We welcome new Partners to join us.

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