A deal is a deal: EU parties must stand by the European Green Deal

21 June 2024 – Following the recent European Parliament elections and resulting political shifts, The Club of Rome has coordinated a call to action with two of the Systems Transformations Hub partners – EIT Climate-KIC and Metabolic – backing the European Green Deal and its swift implementation. Signatories of the call specifically request the European People’s Party (EPP) and all parties to continue to stand by the European Green Deal as the Spitzenkandidaten process unfolds and parliamentary coalitions are sought.

This call to action is a reminder that the European Green Deal is Europe’s North Star and its overarching aim for the European Union to become the world’s first “climate-neutral bloc” by 2050 through a “just transition” is even more relevant today, than at its time of adoption. Backed by evidence and science – based research, its goals extend across sectors, providing sustainable paths for energy, transport, agriculture, the built environment and material use.

The European Green Deal is Europe’s answer to the Inflation reduction Act (IRA) and to the region remaining innovative, competitive and secure.  Alongside a strong single market it will guarantee economic stability and democratic integrity.  This is not and cannot be about party politics, but ensuring that all EU citizens thrive not just survive when faced with future pandemics, climate and economic impacts.

The call to action stresses that to guarantee resilience to future shocks and stresses, the European Green Deal must be implemented, optimised and systematised today, not tomorrow. To do this it will be important that the European Institutions and Member States continue their backing of a strong Deal and that a committed leader is appointed Climate Action Commissioner and Vice President.

The Club of Rome and partners have gathered comprehensive survey data showing that citizens call for it, science demands it, Europe needs it.

“We are facing deep social and environmental tipping points and time is ticking. The European Green Deal should not be considered a political deal dependent on the whims of party politics. This is an innovative package of measures adopted under the leadership of President von der Leyen with a view towards climate ambition and a “just transition”.

Contrary to what some political parties will have us believe, most European citizens want climate action and are even willing to pay for it as long as high carbon emitters pay their fair share. Coming out of the European elections we need a strong coalition of continued political support for the Deal and focus on an optimised implementation plan bringing all major stakeholders onboard”, says Sandrine Dixson-Declève, co-president of The Club of Rome and co-founder of The Systems Transformation Hub.

Over 550 policymakers, researchers, business and NGO leaders have signed the call for all parties of the newly elected European Parliament to ensure implementation of the European Green Deal as a priority.

The Systems Transformation Hub is a pioneering venture designed to drive systemic solutions for Europe. It aims to provide strategic and systematic guidance, supporting the European institutions and Member States in policy analysis, development, policy learning and agile decision making support.

The hub’s recent policy brief: From European Political Party Manifestos to European Policymaking –A systems lens, outlines how a systemic application of the European Green Deal is the best way forward for an ambitious and equitable transition pathway for Europe.

This campaign was initiated by System Transformation Hub Partners: The Club of Rome, EIT, ClimateKIC and Metabolic. 

Signatories include:

Sandrine Dixson-Declève, Co-President, The Club of Rome
Connie Hedegaard, Former EU Commissioner for Climate Action
Mary Robinson, Former President of Ireland, The Elders
Heidi Hautala, MEP, Vice President European Parliament
Laurence Tubiana, CEO, ECF and Former French Climate Change Ambassador
Christiana Figueres, Co-Founder, Global Optimism, Executive Secretary of the UNFCC
Sharan Burrow, Former General Secretary of the International Trade Union Confederation
Johan Rockström, Director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research
Paul Polman, Chair Manatu, Former CEO Unilever
Feike Sijbesma, Founder Darwin International, Former CEO DSM

Andrea Illy, Chair, Illycaffè spa
Adélaïde Charlier, Climate Justice Youth Activist
Sophie Howe, Former Future Generations Commissioner for Wales
Janez Potočnik, Co-chair, International Resource Panel, Partner, Systemiq

Paul Shrivastava, Co-President, The Club of Rome
Hunter Lovins President, Natural Capitalism Solutions
Robert Costanza, Professor University College London
Maria Furtwängler, Actor, producer, activist
Maja Göpel, Political economist, Professor, Leuphana University
Eva Gladek, CEO and Founder, Metabolic
Kirsten Dunlop, CEO, EIT Climate-KIC 
Anders Wijkman,
Honorary President,The Club of Rome
Gunhild Stordalen, Founder and CEO, EAT
Martin R. Stuchtey, Founder, The Landbanking Group GmbH
Charles-Antoine Janssen, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors, UCB
Astrid Kann-Rasmussen, Vice Chair KR Foundation
Santiago Lefebvre, Founder and CEO, ChangeNOW
Maria Mendiluce, CEO We Mean Business Coalition
Paolo Di Cesare, Co-Founder, NATIVA
Ramona Liberoff, Former Executive Director, World Resources Institute
Mathis Wackernagel  Founder, Global Footprint Network
Louise Kjellerup Roper, CEO, Volans
Solitaire Townsend, Chief Solutionist , Futerra
Frederic Debruyne, Senior-vice president, Bain and Company
Ingmar Rentzhog, CEO & Founder, WeDontHaveTime.org 
Harald Neidhardt
, CEO & Curator, Futur/io Institute 
Alistair Maltby
, President, Protect Our Winters Europe
Luca Zerbini, CEO Una Terra Venture Fund
Eva Karlsson, CEO Houdini sportswear
Laure Nols , Economist, Belgian Federal Climate Change Department
Carine de Meyere, President and Founder , Women of the World
Alberto Alemanno, Jean Monnet Professor of EU Law

Full list of signatories Sign the call

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