August 1 is Earth Overshoot Day

Earth Overshoot Day marks the date when we have used more from nature than our planet can renew in the entire year. Find out more about the problem and possible solutions here.


International Conference on Future Education

Building on a break-through conference at the University of California, Berkeley, in 2013 and the Future Education Conference at the University of Roma TRE, in Rome, Italy, in November 2017, the World Academy of Art and Science (WAAS) and the World University Consortium (WUC) are now joining hands with the Ministry of Education of Brazil, UNESCO and Fundação and Faculdade CESGRANRIO to conduct a “Third International Conference on Future Education –Latin American Perspectives” to identify practical measures to meet the needs and aspirations of major stakeholders – youth, students, teachers, employers, workers, research institutions, universities, governments and civil society, in this region of the world.

November 12-14, 2018 – RIO DE JANEIRO – BRAZIL

For further information please visit: 

50th Anniversary Summit of the Club of Rome

The 50th Anniversary Conference of the Club of Rome will be held on October 17-18, 2018 and will bring together an outstanding group of cutting-edge speakers, both from outside and from within the Club of Rome. For more information and registration click here.

Lunch Debate with Kurt Vandenberghe

The EU-Chapter of the Club of Rome is organizing a lunch debate with Kurt Vandenberghe, Director for Policy Development and Coordination at the European Commission’s DG Research and Innovation. The event takes place in Brussels on Wednesday  27 June at 12:30. You will find further information here.

Summer Academy for Pluralist Economics 2018: Ten Years After The Crash

The Club of Rome endorses the 2. Summer Academy for Pluralist Economics which will take place August 3-10 in Germany. Click here for more information.

My Master and my Friend, Mircea Maliţa

The Honorary Member of the Club of Rome Mircea Maliţa passed away on Monday 21 May.

He was a devoted path opener for the young generations, a brilliant visionary and an accomplished diplomat.
For me, personally, he is immortal. He is my Master and, above all, a true friend of an impeccable morality.

By Calin Georgescu, member of the Club of Rome

Ejże! Polish Edition of Come On! is Now Available

The Polish edition of Come On! Capitalism, Short-termism, Population and the Destruction of the Planet is now available. You can download the first chapter of the book for free.



Toward a Sustainable Wellbeing Economy

Our current economic systems have become addicted to “growth at all costs”, as measured by Gross Domestic Product (GDP). They assume that GDP growth is synonymous with increasing wellbeing and prosperity. However this approach has led to growing inequality, an escalating climate crisis, and the depletion of natural and social capital. We are no longer generating genuine progress. Our approach to economics and development needs fundamental transformation.

A number of Club of Rome members participate in the new Wellbeing Economy Alliance (WE-All) to help facilitate that transformation.


Book Launch: Come On! Capitalism, Short-Termism, Population and the Destruction of the Planet

On April 26th the Co-Presidents of the Club of Rome Anders Wijkman and Ernst U. von Weizsäcker presented the latest report to the Club of Rome in London.

You can find the video of the book launch here.


In commemoration of Benjamin Bassin, Honorary Member of the Club of Rome

by Esko Kalimo, Full Member of the Club of Rome