Vlavianos Arvanitis, Agni

Prof. Agni Vlavianos Arvanitis is President and Founder of Biopolitics International Organisation, which aims to promote international environmental cooperation and education. She is also visiting Professor of Bioethics, Panteion University; Fellow, World Academy of Art & Science; Hon. Prof., St. Petersburg Technological University; Doctor Honoris Causa, Mendeleyev University; Founding President, Club of Rome Hellenic Chapter; Member, Vienna Economic Forum, Club of Rome, European Generation Foundation, Balkan Political Club, Club of Rome Brussels-EU Chapter, International Bioethics Society, Euro-Arab Cooperation Center, Journal of Cleaner Production Editorial Board, Pontifical Academy for Life, Transparency International and National Society of Greek Writers.

Recipient of: 2004 Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences Biopolicy Award; election with M. Gorbachev, N. Mandela and M. Strong as Hon. President for Life by UNA Sri Lanka; Honorary Diploma from Ukrainian Minister of Emergencies; Abdi Ipekci Peace and Friendship Prize; VEA Environmental Award; WATA Peace Through Tourism Award; Albert Schweitzer Gold Medal. Many times nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.