Fernando Ibárcena Bossio is a leading international engineering professional. He is member of the Peruvian Chamber of Construction board where he has held the position of president, vice president and treasurer throughout 40 years of union experience. He has moreover served as an Advisor to Inter-American Construction Industry Federation for a commensurate period of time. Fernando has served on the Executive Board of the Confederation of Private Business Institutions whilst participating in four official state missions alongside the President of Peru and Ministers of State. He has been member of the Peruvian chapter of the Inter-American Board on Trade and Production.

Laureate of the highest decoration of the Inter-American Construction Industry Federation, Fernando is the current President and/or shareholder of various construction, development, commercial, industrial, publishing and service enterprises. From its inception until the end of 2014, his business group has completed construction projects worth over $US 600 million.