Khosla, Ashok

Dr. Ashok Khosla is a leading Indian Environmentalist. He is the Founder and Chairman of Development Alternatives (DA), the first social enterprise in the field of sustainable development, devoted to promoting commercially viable, environmentally friendly technologies and sustainable resource management.

Prior to Development Alternative, Ashok assisted Professor Roger Revelle in teaching the first course on the subject of Population, Resources and the Environment at Harvard in 1964. He was also the Founding Director of the Indian government’s Office of Environmental Planning and Co-Ordination, the first such agency in a developing country. Subsequently, he set up and headed Infoterra, the global environmental information system of UNEP.

Ashok has chaired the Boards of the Centre for Our Common Future, the Club of Rome, the International Union for Conservation of Nature and UNEP’s International Resource Panel. He was awarded inter-alia the Order of the British Empire Empire, the UN Sasakawa Environment Prize, the Zayed International Environment Prize and WWF’s Duke of Edinburgh Medal.

Ashok has a personal website here.