Come On! A master class

It is seldom one attends an event where you sit there in total awe. This was a Thought Leadership Forum co-organised by the Club of Rome and the European Policy Centre on April 12th in Brussels.

50 Years Club of Rome: Anniversary Event in Winterthur

On April 7th 2018, exactly 50 years after the founding date of the Club of Rome, 100 members, friends and guests came together in Winterthur, Switzerland, to celebrate this special occasion.


“The Seneca Effect” Will Be Presented in Berlin on March 26th

Prof. Ugo Bardi will present the report to the Club of Rome “The Seneca Effect” on Monday, March 26th. The presentation is organized by the Urania society and it will be in English, with simultaneous translation in German.

Further information on the event can be found here (in German)



The Big Bang for Sustainability: 50 Years Club of Rome

The year 2018 marks the 50 th Anniversary of the Club of Rome’s foundation on the 7 th April 1968. The Club’s million-fold bestselling first report “The Limits to Growth” has been followed by more than 40 subsequent reports, which have had deep impact on the emerging environmental movement and raised global awareness of the urgent need to rethink human activity on our planet in a more sustainable, climate neutral and eco-friendly way.

Book Launch of Come On! in Brussels

Herman Van Rompuy, Honorary President, and Mark Dubrulle, President & Executive Director of The Club of Rome EU-Chapter are pleased to invite you to a discussion hosted by the European Policy Centre on the occasion of the launch of the new report to the Club of Rome “Come On! Capitalism, Short-termism, Population and the Destruction of the Planet.” Authors Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker and Anders Wijkman, Co-presidents of the Club of Rome, will present and comment their report on Thursday 12 April 2018.

Book Launch of Come On! in London

As part of the 50th anniversary of the Club of Rome, this event on April 26th will launch Anders Wijkman and Ernst von Weizsäcker’s book Come On! Capitalism, Short-termism, Population and the Destruction of the Planet: A Report to the Club of Rome.



In commemoration of Ruud F.M. Lubbers

With deep sadness the Club of Rome has learnt about the passing away of Ruud F.M. Lubbers, Former Prime Minister of the Netherlands and Honorary Member of the Club of Rome.


50 Jahre Club of Rome: Vortrag von Ko-Präsident Ernst U. von Weizsäcker in Winterthur

Das Jahr 2018 markiert für den Club of Rome das 50jährige Jubiläum seit seiner Gründung im April 1968. Anlässlich der 50-Jahres-Feier in unserer Heimatstadt Winterthur möchten wir Sie herzlich einladen am Mittwoch, den 28. März 2018 um 19:30 Uhr im Casinotheater gemeinsam mit uns zu feiern und einen Blick in die Zukunft zu werfen.

Conference on Financial Networks and Sustainability

How to narrow the gap between finance and sustainability? Club of Rome General Secretary Graeme Maxton participated in a panel discussion with Joseph Stiglitz (Professor at Columbia University), Mafalda Duarte (Head of Climate Investment Funds), Christopher Steane (Global Head of Lending Services at ING), Urban Angehrn (Zurich Insurance Group) at the University of Zurich.

Recent activities of the Club of Rome in Winterthur

The Club of Rome is based in Winterthur, Switzerland since many years. Besides our global activities we recognize the importance of local commitment and regularly take part in events in our hometown.

Recent activities included a presentation from Fabian Scheidler on his new book Chaos: Das neue Zeitalter der Revolutionen, the climate protection project Klimalandsgemeindepublic discussion with the General Secretary of the Club of Rome Graeme Maxton and a discussion with the dutch writer Alexander Nieuwenhuis.