The third decade of the 21st century is firmly underway with the promise of 2020 vision to clear the fog that threatens our very existence as a human race on our stressed biosphere. We are experiencing a planetary climate emergency from which we need to emerge with a new way of being human that promotes the well being of people and planet.

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Club of Rome at WEF in Davos

Club of Rome Co-President Sandrine Dixson-Declève (picture below, left, at one of the WEF discussions) and Executive Committee Member Chandran Nair represent the Club of Rome at the World Economic Forum 2020 in Davos. They participate in numerous events and introduce to the Club of Rome Planetary Emergency Plan.

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Impact Investing for Systems Change

In this live, virtual fireside chat and audience Q&A, Impact Entrepreneur’s Laurie Lane-Zucker discusses with CoR member Charly Kleissner how impact investing and entrepreneurship can authentically affect systems in order to bring about a truly sustainable and equitable impact economy. 

Date And Time

Thu, January 16, 2020

12:00 PM – 1:15 PM EST

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The Club of Rome calls for an ambitious, transformative European Green Deal

The Club of Rome congratulates European Commission president von der Leyen and vice-president Timmermans on their leadership and foresight in developing a European Green Deal (EGD). The Deal is an opportunity for Europe to show not only leadership on climate neutrality but also on economic, financial and social transformation.

In an open letter to the president and her Commission, The Club of Rome welcomed the Commission’s efforts to make the Deal transformational. The Club believes that the European Green Deal could be a game-changer for Europe and European citizens. As such, the realisation of the final Deal must reflect the paradigm and systems shifts we so urgently need.

Club of Rome at COP 25 in Madrid

The Club of Rome hosted a session at the COP25 Madrid on December 9th 2019 on: “The Club of Rome Planetary Emergency call to action: Emergence from Emergency”.

Speakers: Michael K. Dorsey, Carlos Alvarez Pereira, Sandrine Dixson-Declève (Co-President), Cristina Manzano

NGOs call on ECB to act on climate change

On December 2nd a group of NGOs, including the Club of Rome, met with the new president of the ECB, Christine Lagarde, to hand over an open letter calling on the ECB to act on climate change. The letter was signed by more than 160 NGOs.

Sandrine Dixson Declève, co-president of the Club of Rome: “It is high time for the ECB to show leadership in shifting financial flows towards a low carbon equitable economy and take the climate crisis seriously. To do so ECB must follow EIB leadership and pull out of all unabated fossil fuel financing by 2021. This will reinforce the EIB’s message across the globe that the greatest financial risk is investing in stranded high carbon assets and not taking the human and material costs of climate change seriously.“

Lagarde subsequently confirmed climate change will be in the agenda of the ECB’s review next year.

New Report to the Club of Rome: Sustainable Action – Overcoming the Barriers

In the new report to the Club of Rome Sustainable Action – Overcoming the Barriers, author Christian Berg unpacks the complexity in understanding the barriers we face in moving towards a sustainable future, providing solution perspectives at every level, from individuals to governments and supra-national organizations, offering a lucid vision of a long-term and achievable goal for sustainability.

The Club of Rome commends the EIB for its progressive leadership in confronting the Planetary Emergency

15th November 2019, Brussels – The Club of Rome applauds the EIB’s landmark decision to pull out of all unabated fossil fuel financing by 2021. As the world’s largest public financing institution, last night’s decision has put the EIB on the right side of history and secured its status as Europe’s Climate Bank. It follows calls from businesses, investors, civil society and scientific institutions to stand firm on its draft proposal published in July 2019, including an open letter from The Club of Rome and 30 supporting partners

Club of Rome Summit 2019

The Club of Rome Summit 2019 took place on November 6 in Stellenbosch, South Africa. The conference brought together leading scientists, policy and decision-makers, business leaders as well as activists from around the world.

Co-President makes case for Planetary Emergency Plan, in European Parliament

Club of Rome Co-president, Sandrine Dixson-Declève, reiterated the urgent need for transformational action on climate change, biodiversity loss and human health and well-being at an event co-hosted by GLOBE EU, The Club of Rome and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation at the European Parliament on 15th October.

Speaking on a panel alongside security expert, Tom Middendorp, MEP Sirpa Pietikäinen and Joss Blériot from the Ellen MaCarthur Foundation, Dixson-Declève was honest in her appraisal of the state of play: “Time is up”.

She noted that the sense of urgency has for too long not resonated beyond expert circles and that to confront the Planetary Emergency head-on, a strategic, joined-up approach is critical: “We need new champions. We need the unusual suspects. We need to be strategic and smart, and ask ourselves how we can cross-fertilise to achieve our common goals”.

She also pointed to the unprecedented opportunity at EU level to influence the direction of the European Green Deal and infuse it with the emergency and transformational thinking it so desperately needs, saying: “We have an immense opportunity at EU level as the new European semester begins. The Club of Rome’s Planetary Emergency Plan can be a reference point for the new European Commission to deliver the European Green Deal”.