Support for EIB 2020 Pledge to stop fossil energy lending

30 businesses, investment groups and scientific institutions have sent a letter to the European Investment Bank, calling on it to deliver on its recent proposal to stop investing in fossil fuel projects by the end of 2020. The letter joins a similar call on the EIB from over 70 NGOs.

In its draft energy lending policy published in July 2019, the EIB recognised that achieving net-zero emissions was necessary to ensure our planet remains safely within the boundary of 1.5C of global warming. In this vein, it made a commitment to halting fossil fuel investments by the end of 2020, while focusing on the energy efficiency first principle, renewable energy and supporting a “just transition” for workers in high-carbon sectors.

The EIB proposal echoes the call to shift away from fossil fuel investments in The Planetary Emergency Plan – written by The Club of Rome with the scientific support of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK). The Plan sets out 10 urgent actions in order to achieve the social and economic transformations needed to secure the long-term health and well-being of people and planet.

The signatories of the letter (which include the Potsdam Institute, We Mean Business, UNPRI, The Corporate Leaders Group) join The Club of Rome in recognising that the EIB’s pledge to pull out of new fossil energy lending has already sent an important signal to financial markets and institutions across the globe and heralds a changing tide in the flow of global financial capital.

Nations should declare a Planetary Emergency says Club of Rome

New York – September 24th. As national leaders meet in New York for the United Nations Climate Action Summit, the Club of Rome has issued a statement proposing nations declare a planetary emergency for climate and nature in 2020. The statement – the Planetary Emergency Plan – makes the case for immediate and wide-ranging action to protect the global commons – the rainforests, ice sheets, oceans and atmosphere. At the same time, the authors say, the global economic system must undergo an equitable transformation in order to properly value a stable planet.

Download the press release here.

Planetary Emergency Plan

The impacts of climate change and ecological destruction are more severe and are manifesting themselves earlier than many scientific predictions in previous decades had foreseen. Our patterns of economic growth, development, production and consumption are pushing the Earth’s life-support systems beyond their natural boundaries. For 10,000 years, human civilisation has grown and thrived because of Earth’s remarkable climate stability and rich biological diversity. In the last 50 years, human activity has severly undermined this resilience.

The Club of Rome and The Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) launch the Planetary Emergency Action Plan, making the case for declaring a Planetary Emergency and providing a set of key policy levers addressing the cross-cutting challenges of climate change, biodiversity loss and human health and well-being.

Download the Planetary Emergency Plan here

Club of Rome Summit 2019

The Club of Rome Annual Summit 2019 will take place in Stellenbosch, South Africa, on 6 November 2019.

This is an historic conference for the Club of Rome to reconnect to the Mother Continent and in the global South. The conference is an opportunity for us to harvest lessons from Africa that enabled the evolution of humanity as well as to engage with the continents great potential and to turn its vulnerabilities into opportunities through innovation and collaborative efforts leveraging our youthful population and vast spaces. 

Detailed information on the conference, including program and speakers, is available here.

Redefining Prosperity

The European Commission’s new President has set forth an ambitious yet pragmatic goal for her Commission and Europe’s Member States. Together with health, prosperity is one of the most widely shared aspirations of humanity. Although for many today it is often confused with an insatiable longing for “always more”, in its true and deeper meaning prosperity is about recognizing that everyone around the world, regardless of geography, age, culture, religion or any other condition, aspires to live well.

Read the Club of Rome discussion paper prepared for the European Research & Innovation Days here.

The ‘How To’ in Building Future-Ready Businesses

Club of Rome Co-President Sandrine Dixson-Declève participated in the European Forum Alpbach 2019. The video of the session The ‘How To’ in Building Future-Ready Businesses is now available online.

copyright: EFA/Jannik Rakusa

Climate Change Emergency in Asia

Sandrine Dixson Declève is issuing a dire warning on climate change.

The Co-President of the Club of Rome says it could spell the extinction of the human race.


The complete interview is available on the website of NHK World News

Swedish climate change activist Greta Thunberg has arrived in New York to make her point at the upcoming UN Climate Action Summit. Newsline In Depth presenter Aiko Doden talked with the Co-President of the Club of Rome about the urgent need to address the climate emergency. This more comprehensive version of the video is also available on the  NHK site

Japanese Association of the Club of Rome officially launched

We are pleased to announce that the Japanese Association of the Club of Rome was officially launched on August 7th 2019 at Chubu University in Kasugai, Japan.

Yoshi Hayashi, President of the Japanese Association of the Club of Rome

Club of Rome Honorary President participated at the #SmileForFuture Summit

Ernst von Weizsäcker, honorary president of the Club of Rome, participated at the #SmileForFuture Summit in Lausanne and discussed the FridaysForFuture movement and climate change with GretaThunberg and Nobel Prize winner Jacques Dubochet. The Press Conference is available online.

Manfred Max Neef – In Memoriam

It is with great sadness that we receive the message of the passing of Manfred Max-Neef. Manfred was a close friend to both of us and long-time and highly appreciated member of the Club of Rome.

Ernst von Weizsäcker & Anders Wijkman
Honorary Presidents of the Club of Rome