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Many factors will affect the demand for new forms of governance and for new institutions to deliver the required goods and services: the management of global issues and the rise of global citizenry, the increased role of stakeholders and civil society in decision-making, a rise in the importance of the public good and spill-over effects of many political and economic transactions, a growing distrust of un-regulated markets, information and technological advances that allow for greater levels of devolution, and new forms of communications that produce “lateral, issues-based multi-national” communities of interest. New forms of governance are inevitable as we begin to restructure economic thinking. The work program focuses on:

  • New Global Governance Paradigms: Can they be made to work?
  • Technology and the Rule of Subsidiarity: local solutions to deal with global problems
  • Managing and Preserving the Public Interest (Markets and the Financial Sector)
  • Cooperative Models for Research and Development
  • Values, Trust and New Institutions