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September 2012:The Club of Rome in International News and Blogs

English speaking

Canberra Times 14th September: When there’s doubt, sensible to err on side of caution


Agora Vox 18th September: We must put scientific and technical development in the heart of our society


Livescienes 20th September: Will the earth run out of plants


The Record 24th September: Planning for a world without economic growth

Actmedia 27th September: Bucharest; Annual Club of Rome Conference


The Globalist 27th September: Pascal Lamy; All negotiating is global


Huffingtonpost 30th September: Climate Change To Shrink Fish By 2050 As Oceans Warm

German speaking

Die Zeit 3rd September: May finally shrink

Badische Zeitung 5th September: Decoupling from price increase

PBS Business 5th SeptemberCompanies want to switch to recycled paper

EEE News 5th September: New Release: 2052; the new report to the Club of Rome


Teletop 13th September: Club of Rome Jubilee, 40 years Limits to growth

Neue Züricher Zeitung 14th September: A new warning from the Club of Rome

Der Landbote 14th September: The one-child family has become the norm here


Handelsblatt 14th September: Economic growth – Blessing or Curse

Der Standard 14th September: Climate strategy: China’s one-child policy helps Climate

Dradio 15th Septmber: Make new from old!

Die Zeit 16th September: Sustainability: Where is the change?

Wienerzeitung 21st September: The system does not react with intelligent warnings

Dradio 24th September: The world will be a dangerous place

Frankfurter Allgemeine 27th October: Economic growth the linits of growth critic

Club of Rome Members

Seekingalpha 11th September: Book Reviews: ‘Economics After The Crisis’ And ‘Money And Sustainability’; Hazel Henderson


Ame info 25th September: Afed announces annual conference 29 30 November; Ashok Koshla


Hallertau Info 25th September: Brasilination or a balanced future; Franz Josef Radermacher


Yahoo groups 1st September: The question of limits to growth and can we survive and maintain our civilization


RBF I blogspot 5th September: Results of the Instant World Game Lab at Ars Electronica

Countercourrants 13th September: Growth or Equality: Two Competing Visions For America’s Future, David Korten


Seri at 13th September: SERI recommends: new report to the Club of Rome

Narasimhancs 14th September: Oil Price, Consumption Patterns & Limits To Growth 28th September: Jørgen Randers – Introduction to the Psychology of Climate