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August 2012:The Club of Rome in International News and Blogs

English speaking

The Guardian 8th August: Valuing abundance – breaking the tyranny of resource scarcity


ABC Radio National 8th August: “2052″


Dissident Voice 8th August: Earthly Plunders in space


Policyinnovations 10th August: Can Bioregionalism Go Global Before Collapse?


Transitionculture 17th August: Interview with Jorgen Randers: Ut’s the story of humanity not rising to the occasion


Foreign Affairs 17th August: Is growth good? A response to Bjorn Lomborg

German speaking

Dradio 7th August: The Limits to growth


Pressebox 10th August: A different kind of energy crisis – Burn Out


Der Standard 10th August: Fewer people are good for the planet


Hamburger Abendblatt 17th August: Living differently is possible and not pointless


Der Standard 17th August: The delusion of the growth model


Domradio 24th August: Limits to Growth


Mm-Logistik Vogel 23rdAugust: Sustainability is attractive

Focus 23rd August: The Club of Rome greets


RLP 25thAugust: Growth and distributive justice belong together


Deutschland Radio Kultur 25th August: Where ethics and money are not mutually exclusive

French speaking

La Croix 26th August: The dream and the reality


L’Express 27th August: The real limits of growth

Club of Rome Membes

Seeking Alpha 11th August: Review Of 2052: A Global Forecast Of The Next 40 Years. Hazel Henderson


RiaNovosti 14th August: Russian Physicist Sergei Kapitsa Dead at 84. Sergei Kapitsa


Scientific American 14th August: Sergei Kapitza, Editor of Scientific American‘s Russian Edition, Dead at 84.

Sergei Kapitza.


Cjnews August 29th: So that our people thrive. Yehezkel Dror


Sozusagen 8th August: The crisis of growth and the believe of progress


Energybulletin 13th August: Re-reading Limits to growth