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July 2012

English speaking

Asia 360 News 6th July: Don’t grow up it is a trap


FasCoexist 13th July: 8 ways the world will change by 2052


The Guardian 18th July: Is a sustainable future within reach?


Business Insider 19th July: The World Has Entered A Permanent Decline In Growth


New Statesman 19th July: It costs less than a pound to run an iPad for a year


Independent Australia 20th July: Reading for when the party is over


Huffington Post 24th July: Climate Change Effects: Things Global Warming Just Might Ruin For Your Kids


Virtual Strategy Magazine 27thJuly: ISTC 2012: Building Your Financial Lifeboat?

German speaking

Sueddeutsche Zeitung 14th July: Always in a traffic jam but sustainably


Berner Zeitung 21st JulyIn the Hamster wheel of the delusion of growth


Linke Zeitung 23rd July: About the relation of working time and productivity


Neues Deutschland 25th July: The drama of the seas


Spiegel 30th July: Warning of an apocalypse is an incentive for reform


FAZ Institute July: Knowing today what will happen tomorrow

French speaking

Alternatives Economiques 2nd July: The limits to growth reedition in French


Le Monde 9thJuly: Peak oil reloaded


L’econmiste Maghebin 16th July: Los cabos and Rio two summit meetings without interst ; Brussels: Finally the solution?


Futura Sciences  19th July:  Graphene for desalinsation of sea water


Emploparlonsnet 23th July: Too limited

Club of Rome Member

Courrier International 5thJune: Triodos  a sustainable bank. Peter Blom and Wouter van Dieren


Kleine Zeitung 25th July: Europe is facing burn out. Prof. Franz-Josef Radermacher


Currentgame 8th July: The somewhat different energy crisis burn out


Huyghe 14th July: 40 years ago


 Our finite world 14th July: Evidence that Oil Limits are Leading to Declining Economic Growth


The Oil Drum July 19th July: Evidence that Oil Limits are Leading to Limits to GDP Growth


Columbian Missourian 23th July: The arts build a bridge between science and spirituality


CSRwire 23th July: The coming do it yourself revolution


NSW Forum 29th July: Limits to growth of the industrial society