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June 2012: The Club of Rome in International News and Blogs

English speaking

BBC 4th June: Stockholm: Birth of the green generation


Mother Jones 5th June: Nothing grows forever


The Independent 12th June: Earthrise: the image that changed our view of the planet


OPB News 15th June: Rio+20: Economic Growth At Core Of Summit


The Economist 16thJuneWhat is it for? How the 20th century influenced the evolution of science


Business Mirror 16th June: From Rio+20 to Asean: Climate change, biodiversity in Green Economy


Progressive Radio Network 18th June: Jorgen Randers – A global forecast for the next 40 years


The New York Times 21st June: Going Green


Blue and Green Tomorrow 21st June: Rio+50: the long view


Daily News Sri Lanka 21st June: Fixing the world


BBC 22th June:  Interview with Jorgen Randers; Earth summit: China ‘will set environmental standards’


The Express Tribune 22th June: Can we have a green economy in a capitalist one?


The Gleaner 24th June: Limits to growth – Is Seaga right about energy alternatives?


The Times of  India 27th June: Growth is not a bad word


The Nation June 28th: Limits to growth

German speaking

Welt 5th June: Growth Growth yes but please  environmently friendly


Welt 5th June: Environmental sage pass on recommendations to Altmaier : “Club of Rome” represents seven demands


N-TV 5th June: Philosophizing about the energy revolution


3SAT 13th June: The new report to the Club of Rome


General Anzeiger 20th June: Second UN Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro: humanity trapped


TAZ 22th June: China’s contribution to climate protection Many wind turbines kill the climate killer

French speaking

Libération 15th June: The collapse scenario prevails


Sudouest 16th June: Rio for dummies


Libération 2oth June: 40 years ago the environment was born


Place Publique 20th June: Towards an International Criminal Court for crimes against the planet


Emarrakech Info 21st June: The Club of Rome:  the world in 2052


Premiere 21th June: The Club of Rome anticipates the world in 2052


Rue 89 21th June: The word “degrowth” a “political suicide” for Dennis Meadows


Le Monde 25th June: The autistic economy


Public Senat 27th June: The tears of Rio


LCI 28th June: Dennis Meadows : We have not stopped growth, nature will take care of that

Club of Rome Members

Sueddeutsche 10th JuneAfter the Earth Summit Rio +20: Who participates will win (Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker)


News Track India 20th June: Govts seem to have lost vision and hearing as Rio+20 summit set to start (Ashok Khosla)


Deutsche Welle 25th June: The future needs education ( Franz Josef Radermacher)


Deutsche Welle 24th June: Global Media Forum highlights role of education (Franz Josef Radermacher)


World Ressources Forum: Overview about current literature in the field of resource use and sustainability


Geldsystempiraten 19th June: Club of Rome


Agoravox 20th June: How to translate “sustainable development”


Forex News blog 20th June: Money and sustainability the missing link introductory remarks by Ian Johnson


Huntington News 26th June: OP-ED: The End Is Near


Aiourdubooks 28th June:  “Limits to growth”


Sustainable Industries 28th June: When growth is damaging?


P2p Foundation: Money and Sustainability