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Shaping the future: Six Global Goals

Six global goals as essential for the transition towards a sustainable, equitable and „happier“ world:


1. Societal values, which are essential for a sustainable and equitable society, are fully reflected in all economic decisions.


2. The economies of the world reflect the value of natural and social capital, markets operate in a fair and transparent manner and deliver the goods and services required for a sustainable society.


3. A more equitable distribution of income both within and between countries.


4. Access to meaningful work, which provides enough income to lead a decent life, is guaranteed and recognized as an essential human right. Job generation has become a top priority for all investments, costs for unemployment are considered in decision-making.


5. Ecology is seen as a binding constraint for all forms of human activity and is therefore managed in a  manner which reflects its biophysical and economic value. Never should the world be in overshoot.


6. Appropriate governance systems at a local, national and global level, which can manage the transition into an equitable and sustainable global world, are established.