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Revisiting The Limits to Growth: Could The Club of Rome Have Been Correct, After All?

by Matthew R. Simmons

Matthew R. Simmons (1943-2010) was the founder of Simmons & Company International, a private investment bank that specializes in energy research, trading, and capital structuring. Simmons was a former advisor to President George W. Bush and a member of the National Petroleum Council. In his later years he was trying to raise awareness on Peak Oil.


In 2000, Simmons published a lengthy article about Limits to Growth, title “Revisting the Limits to Growth: Could the Club of Rome have been correct after all?”


“The most amazing aspect of the book is how accurate many of the basic trend extrapolation worries which ultimately give raise to the limits this book expresses still are, some 30 years later. In fact, for a work that has been derisively attacked by so many energy economists, a group whose own forecasting record has not stood the test of time very well, there was nothing that I could find in the book which has so far been even vaguely invalidated. To the contrary, the chilling warnings of how powerful exponential growth rate can be are right on track.”

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