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AGM Mexico Annual Conference of the Club of Rome in Mexico City, October 16th-18th

How to satisfy the energy demand of a growing world population without risking a collapse of the natural environment? The Annual Conference of the Club of Rome, hosted by the Mexican Association of the Club of Rome on October 16th-18th, will discuss critical issues and possible solutions. [...] read more

Bankrupting Nature - Denying our planetary boundaries Bankrupting Nature – Denying our Planetary Boundaries

The Report to the Club of Rome, “Bankrupting Nature – Denying our Planetary Boundaries” suggests measures that could prevent the current depletion of the earth’s finite resources and enable us to enjoy an enhanced quality of life. [...] read more

KlimaLandsgemeinde 2014 Direct Democracy for Climate Protection in Switzerland

The Club of Rome is organizing partner of the “Klimalandsgemeinde 2014″, a project based on the traditional Swiss direct democracy approach, granting 10.000 Swiss Francs for the implementation of local climate protection initiatives. [...] read more