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Klaus Toepfer

Professor Dr. Klaus Töpfer is the Executive Director of the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies in Potsdam, having previously served as Executive Director of the UN Environment Programme in Nairobi, and as Under Secretary General of the United Nations. [...] read more

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Joseph Stiglitz

Joseph E. Stiglitz is University Professor at Columbia University, the winner of the 2001 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics, and a lead author of the 1995 IPCC report, which shared the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize. He was chairman of the U.S. Council of Economic Advisors under President Clinton and chief economist and senior vice president of the World Bank for 1997-2000. Stiglitz received the John Bates Clark Medal, awarded annually to the American economist under 40 who has made the most significant contribution to the subject. He was a Fulbright Scholar at Cambridge University, held the Drummond Professorship at All Souls College Oxford, and has also taught at M.I.T, Yale, Stanford, and Princeton. [...] read more

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Walter Stahel

Walter R. Stahel is Founder-director of The Product-Life Institute Geneva, since 1983; Vice Secretary General and director of risk management research of the Geneva Asso­ciation (International Association for the Study of Insurance Economics), since 1987. In 2012, Stahel received the Honorary Degree of Doctor of the University from the University of Surrey in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the field of Sustainability. [...] read more

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Dr. Mariana Bozesan is the leading authority on integral investing, the most advanced paradigm in sustainable investing to date. Through integral investing, she provides the necessary expertise, means, and metrics to implement the parity between people, planet, profit, with purpose, and passion in investing, business, and economics. It integrates financial, ecological, social, cultural, behavioral, and human consciousness withbeauty and integral sustainability. [...] read more

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Max Schoen

Max Schön · born 31. July 1961 in Lübeck, Northern Germany · [...] read more

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Cristovam Buarque is current Senator of the Brazilian Republic from the party PDT. Ph.D in Economics from the Sorbonne University in Paris, a mechanical engineer graduated from the University of Pernambuco and Professor of the University of Brasília. [...] read more

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Susanna Chacon

Dr. Susana Chacón is currently Editor in chief of Foreign Policy, Mexican Edition journal. She is also professor at EGAP Graduate Program on Politics and Government, and at EGADE Business School at the Tecnológico de Monterrey University in Mexico City. [...] read more

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Jorgen Randers

Jorgen Randers is professor of climate strategy at the Norwegian Business School, where he works on climate and energy issues, scenario analysis and system dynamics. [...] read more