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WeAreThe99 Occupy is not dead, just resting

What happens when you bring a group of young political activists together? You might be surprised. [...] read more


Eine Zusammenfassung der Medienberichterstattung zum neuen Bericht finden Sie hier

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May 7: Launch of major new Report to the Club of Rome : [...] read more


“How the Quest for Mineral Wealth Is Plundering the Planet” – Find out more about the 33rd Report to the Club of Rome, to be released in English on 12th June 2014! [...] read more

Club of Rome India October 30-31: Indian National Association organizes Global Conference on Food Security

The Indian National Association for the Club of Rome is organising a two day Global Conference themed ‘Securing Food for All – Critical Need for Coherence in Policies and Action” [...] read more

tbp The bigger picture: How systems thinking helps to understand our world

The bigger picture: How systems thinking helps to understand our world. Systems put the different parts in interrelation with each other and consider feedback loops.To solve today’s challenges we have to look at the bigger picture, in systems. Would you like to know how? Then sign up and join us at the Impact Hub for this Inspire2Action on the 2nd October in Zürich. [...] read more

Club of Rome News
img-11-barcamp Barcamp in Berlin

November 28th: The Club of Rome (International and European Support Centre), the Google Institute and Bertelsmann Foundation jointly prepared a Barcamp event on new media in Berlin. [...] read more

Club of Rome News
Ian Johnson speaking at Oxford University Are there Limits to Growth?

Webcast of Ian Johnson’s speech “Limits to Growth – A Re-assessment” in the Seminar Series 2011 – “Is the Planet Full?” at the Oxford Martin School of the University of Oxford now available. [...] read more